Internet Marketing

When it comes to internet marketing, we use the dynamic nature of the web to inspire effective marketing campaigns. Our objective is to increase your business’ online visibility and generate brand familiarity. Under the banner of internet marketing we offer search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Emarketing, Customised Content Targeting, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Blogging and customised reporting through Google Analytics.

Our internet marketing services encompass …


Optimising your site to appeal to search engines will reward you with a better SERP (Search Engine Rank Position), not to mention increased traffic. We’ll look at the existing website design and present you with the best possible SEO solution Read more…

Adwords (PPC)

As a professional internet marketing company our aim is to increase interest in your website and business. One of the many tools the net provides for business networking is the pay per click advertising tool; Google Adwords. These small, box-like icons on your web page will display simple messages or logos that will direct people to your website Read More…


The Internet is the ideal marketing vehicle. Not only can you reach a large number of potential customers, but you also have access to rich reporting applications and market information. Through Google Analytics we’ll monitor the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns and report back to you.


Our Email marketing campaigns caters for both large and small-scale business enterprises. Before launching you Emarketing campaign, we compile a targeted recipient list, based on various demographic data. Our Emarketing service enables you to communicate to a number of people at once, while reaching the individual.

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